Business prospects

Guangdong Yetai beverage co., Ltd. is a large-scale modern beverage enterprise with more than 20 years of development history, integrating r&d, production and sales. In terms of product research and development, the company adopts racing mechanism to set up two product research and development centers, actively cooperate with well-known scientific research institutions in the province, adhere to the road of healthy development, and constantly introduce new products with market competitiveness. In terms of production, the company has introduced modern production system from Germany, equipped with automatic ultra-high temperature production line and aseptic ultra-clean production line, with an annual output of more than 300,000 tons. At the same time, the national production base is also under construction. In terms of sales, the company has unified construction of business divisions and business offices throughout the country, with more than 3,000 fine farming personnel.

Since the launch of Coconut juice in 2014, The beverage has been growing at a rate of more than 30% every year. At present, the products have been sold to more than 20 provinces and cities in more than 2,100 counties and districts in China. The annual sales volume of Yutai coconut water ranks first in the national coconut water category market.

Policy Support

  • Product Support

    To provide dealers with market competitive products

  • Brand Support

    Provide multi-dimensional publicity of materials, advertising and infrastructure

  • Profit Support

    Reasonable and generous sales profit, to ensure good investment income

  • Market Support

    Unified market planning and implementation of regional protection policies

  • After-sales support

    Guarantee dealers' low-risk operation and provide unsalable promotion and after-sales support


  • 01

    Business advantage

    The company has been established for more than 20 years, with strong product development and production capacity, rich marketing operation and anti-risk ability.

  • 02

    Product Advantages

    Adhere to the road of healthy development, competitive, to ensure food safety, reliable quality.

  • 03

    Branded Advantages

    Yetai has now become a beverage brand with important influence and market share in the industry

  • 04

    Team advantage

    Assist dealers to set up fine farming market team, establish and improve team management system, empower marketing.

  • 05

    Material advantage

    Combined with the actual situation of the market, match various forms of advertising materials for terminal channels, improve the turnover rate.

  • 06

    Incentive advantages

    Set quarterly and annual incremental rewards and share the surprises of successful market operation with dealers.


  • 月销量从几百件做到上万件

    I used to be a salesman of Yetai beverage, and found that yetai's products were quite popular in the market. Then I decided to become a dealer of Yetai beverage in 2016. In just a few years, I went from selling a few hundred units a month to selling tens of thousands of units, and now I have warehouses in five towns. Thank you very much for your support in team building and marketing, and I will continue to work hard to manage the market together

  • 椰泰协助,生意变得很简单

    Because the last dealer left some mess, so I just took over a lot of difficulties, such as the terminal second-hand goods disposal and so on. After communicating with the Team of Yetai, I made up my mind to do well together. Communicate with terminal stores patiently, assist in dealing with second-hand goods, do a good job of after-sales service, and slowly cultivate the trust of customers. With the help of the Coconut Team, business is easy.

  • 精耕模式,降低了经营风险

    I entered this industry in 2014, and I have been working closely with Yetai since the very beginning. At that time, the first cooperation is big coconut , mainly for catering channels, later due to good results, slowly began to do small coconut , coffee, juice and so on. What makes me recognize the most is that the precision farming mode of Yetai greatly reduces the risk of our dealers and makes us feel at ease to expand the market.

  • 产品组合策略,帮助打开市场

    By chance, I found "Guangdong YE TAI" on the Internet as a chef. From production to terminal, the company has a whole set of assembly line production, agent preferential policies, especially the development prospects of products, more determined me to switch to the FMCG industry perseverance. With accumulated catering channels and cotai's product portfolio strategy tailored to local conditions, I quickly opened the market.

Join Yetai to share the 100 billion market
10 policy support for dealers
  • Product Support

    Follow the trend to provide you with the most competitive product mix.
  • Brand support

    In the publicity, marketing, after-sales and other aspects of the coconut Thai brand power you feel.
  • Precision farming support

    High-quality areas to provide precision farming mode support, to create a model market.
  • market support

    Enjoy the development of outlets, channels, stacking display, promotion comprehensive support.
  • Advertising support

    All kinds of offline advertising investment to help you improve your influence.
  • Rebate support

    Quarterly targets can be achieved according to the step to give you rebate support.
  • consumption

    Provide long-term high winning rate of activity mechanism, to help you drive consumption.
  • System management

    Provide sales management system to realize full control of people, stores and goods.
  • Profit model

    Develop detailed investment analysis and profit analysis
  • After-sales service

    Strong customer service system to help you deal with all kinds of after-sales problems.
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